The way we work with a band is a little different than most because we're musicians too!

It's been our experience that most bands, like us, have four shared passions

  1. Create their music

  2. Record their music

  3. Share their music digitally/physically

  4. And to perform their music to an engaged audience

We work to deliver on those four shared passions when you're booked on The STAGE at CRAFT & VINYL. As a band that performs in our venue we offer a place on the shelf in our retail record shop for your physical music & merchandise and a "first come, first served" performance invite for any of our showcase events we create a comp/promoted playlist for.


Bands get 100% of any presale and the lions share of all door money collected with a small % going to the door person collecting on the bands behalf. Door money is not collected on dates where film watch parties take place. C&V shares in none of the presale revenues or day of show revenues unless otherwise stated. Additionally we don't ask bands to share in any costs associated with stage, lights or sound as some other venues do.

As a band within our music community you have the opportunity to receive complimentary studio time in our recording suite to work on demos and pre production efforts. And consideration for the film, TV or webisode projects CRAFT & VINYL's founder is serving as music supervisor on.


Plus, PromoWest Productions and CRAFT & VINYL have created a partnership. The focus of which is to create a bridge from performing on our stage to performing on their stages when they need local opening acts. And our partnership with Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association and Columbus College of Art & Design means music makers in our community can connect directly with local filmmakers seeking great music for their film and video projects.

And when the time comes, you can work with us to create album release events and video screening debut parties too!




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