Have you ever dreamed of owning your own lit music related business? Do you LOVE vinyl? Do you LOVE craft brew culture? The host with the most?

If your answer is Yes, YES, YES! we have a rad ass opportunity for you!


Become an independent CRAFT & VINYL "Hop-Sonic" consultant.

Enjoy building a business that inspires and empowers you to host brilliant, immersive music listening experiences when and where you want.

Set your own hours, turn people on to amazing new and classic vinyl LP releases and make bank with unlimited $$$ potential. You're the boss.


We'll set you up with the jams, music sharing resources, social marketing tools and the backend processes to slay it!

Interested? Like, who wouldn't be?! Hit us up below for the deets! 

1806 W 5th Avenue

Grandview Area 43212 



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